What to know about health insurance

Have you considered all opportunities for coverage and savings? Check these possibilities to be sure. Medicare eligibility and enrollment Medicare eligibility begins at age 65 or earlier for people with certain conditions (ALS, ESRD) or who have received social security disability income (SSDI) for 24 months Enrollment is automatic only for people already receiving social […]

What to know about healthcare consumer protection

Healthcare consumers have gained important new rights in recent years. Learn more about them here. Recent progress About 18-35% of American adults have medical debt that is in collections However, measures to extend health coverage and protect consumers (in particular the Affordable Care Act and the No Surprises Act) are making it easier to avoid […]

What to know about prescription savings

Check these savings strategies before filling another prescription. Medication list Discount cards are not necessarily the best way to save on prescriptions A good approach for finding savings would be to list all prescription drugs, determine which prescriptions have high out-of-pocket costs, and check each of the savings options listed in this guide Sources & […]